Sewing for Dummies

I love to sew.

I don’t get to do it too often, but as of late, I have been sneaking into my craft room and stitching when I can. I love to sew, and yet it is the one craft that can drive me slap out of my own mind.

My latest project is a copycat of a tubular scarf/hat/balaclava/head wrap thing that I bought from Academy for an embarrassing amount of money, considering that it is 2 thin pieces of material. I thought that recreating it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I was wrong.

I thought that sewing a dual sided tube wouldn’t propose much of a problem.

I was wrong.

I thought that what I paid for it at the store was way too much.

Actually, I have to say, it was the deal of a lifetime, considering the mental abuse I just caused myself.

There is an optical illusion…I forget its exact name, but it is an impossible creation. It looks similar to the infinity sign in shape, but its essentially a long, twisting tube that has no end nor beginning. Well, they SAID it was an impossible creation. I’m here to tell you that I made that thing out of fabric tonight. There was no logic, rhyme, nor reason to the various shapes that I turned out this evening. What was supposed to be a simple tube-like scarf turned into a pillow, then a giant headband that could have fit an elephant, and then the shape-thing that actually defied any current laws of physics. I’m pretty sure I just disproved several laws of physics, in fact. My seam ripper burst into flames after I tore out enough stitches to sew an entire closet full of garments.

Finally, I laid down the fabric, turned off my sewing machine, iced down the seam ripper, and slowly backed out of the craft room.

It’s one of those kind of days.

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